Frequently Asked Questions

Is synthetic lawn pet friendly?
Yes, to clean just simply remove the excess waste and wash off the area as you would with normal lawn. The consistency of the synthetic lawn should discourage your dog from digging. However, if your dog does try to dig the lawn it has a thick rubber backing.

What is the price?
The lawn is priced similarly to carpet, dependant on pile height, stitch rate and weight of the yarn. Our range of lawns is priced between $28.00 and $90.00 per square meter.

What width is the lawn?
Our lawns come in rolls 3.66m wide.

Do you offer supply only and is it easy to lay?
Yes we do offer supply only and we provide full instructions on how to lay the lawn.

Does the lawn have suitable drainage?
The lawn has a perforated rubber backing to allow up to 180mm per hour of drainage. Better than natural grass!

How is the lawn laid?
The lawn is laid on a bed of compacted crusher sand. It is held down with special lawn adhesive or nails and finally, filled with paving sand to hold the lawn in place.

Is the grass environmentally friendly?
Our lawns have been extensively tested to ensure there are no adverse effects to the environment. There are no chemical releases over time. In fact the greatest environmental danger our lawns pose - is if they are discarded innapropriately, as it will not break down naturally.

How long does it last?
Our lawn is guaranteed from 5 to 8 years depending on the type of lawn you have. However you can expect your lawn to last much longer. We have recent photos of installations completed in the year 2000. Even after 7 years of full sunlight exposure and heavy traffic they still look great with little or no evidence of wear.

Can I use a leaf rake or a blower-vac to maintain the leaves on my lawn?
We recommend the use of a leaf rake to keep your lawn clean. Alternatively you can use the blower to blow the leaves off the lawn and then use the vacuum once it is off the lawn. If you use the blower-vac to suck the leaves straight from the lawn you may also suck in the sand.